About ME

I’m a product designer interested in interaction design, UX research, and design education. I currently live in beautiful Berkeley, CA.

I currently work at Workday, Inc. as a product designer for Workday Cloud Platform. Previously, I interned at Workday as part of the Tools team, and at a non-profit called Learning Equality. As part of the Cloud Platform UX team, I led design for the launch of the WCP Gallery, Workday Marketplace, and the redesigned WCP IntelliJ plugin. I also work on other developer tools and cross-product projects. 

I enjoy public speaking, leading workshops, and teaching people new things. Communication is very important to me, as is spreading design to other teams. In 2019 I spoke at Workday Design Week, our annual internal conference, and led workshops at Generation Workday’s week-long onboarding. 

I majored in cognitive science at UC San Diego, and minored in both education studies and design. During college, I was part of leadership for both Design at UCSD and the Kendo Club at UCSD. 

Outside of work, I love to read (ask me about the 103 books I read in 2018!), paint, and craft. I specialize in spotting small dogs from a distance. Glad to e-meet you!

You can find my resume at this link (PDF).