Fall/Winter 2017

I'm at a weird stage in my education where I'm not enrolled in any design classes. Since I miss it dearly, I've been up to some other escapades.

The Design of Everyday Things

The Design of Everyday Things

Instructional Apprentice for DSGN 1

DSGN 1 is UCSD's introductory course on human-centered design. I'm currently an Instructional Apprentice (a TA who doesn't get paid) for the 200-student class. I help run three weekly studio sessions, facilitate critiques, grade papers, and answer student questions. What I love about this course is that it sparks the fire of design thinking in students' minds. Even though the class is relentless in its pacing, it's been a joy watching each student become a stronger designer.  

In the past, DSGN 1 has been a course of no more than 100 students. We've faced some interesting scaling challenges, like grading quizzes en masse and keeping up with grading. I'm glad to be working with such a great instructional staff. I chose to IA for DSGN 1 because I love both education and design, and I hope to someday teach design in some capacity.


Community and Culture: Design at UCSD

As the Community and Culture Lead for Design at UCSD, my primary focus for this quarter was on our mentorship program. I think the mentorship program is an integral part of our club, because it not only helps to strengthen us as designers, but also because it helps to build connections within the design community. My goals for the program were centered around helping mentors and mentees develop themselves both personally and professionally. 

We just wrapped up for the quarter, and I'm a little emotional about it. 


UX Your Relationship

I thought it might be fun to apply the Double Diamond to my relationship as my boyfriend and I try to figure out an extended project we can embark on together. Whether or not my boyfriend thinks it's fun is another story. Stay tuned to see what we come up with!